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Morton Pumpkin Festival Parade

Another great parade Saturday at the Morton Pumpkin Festival. Even better weather and a bigger crowd than last Saturday. Thanks to my P Fest Parade hype squad/candy and emory board slingers: Bob, Mitch, Mandy, Jackson & Georgia Brown, Mike Green, Caelyn Deeb, Paige Theobald, Allison and Brandon Geber, Aliesha (Dance Machine) Graves, Mara, Blake, Fitz & Maeve Mishler, Jenny & Ava Hancock, Cassandra & Baby Girl Mullikin, Camron, Amber & Adalynn Johnson, Holden Fairfield & Kaitlyn Benson, Mark & Kim Johnson. Thanks to my sideline support- Ryan, Katie, Will, Grant & Audrey Johnson, Anna & Austin Reedy, Becca Lee, Sara, Greg, Nora, Tanner & Asher Roth, Gayle & Steve Hough, Megan, Brad & Brock Armintrout, Marissa & Adam Sheley, Molly Hough & Blake Long. Special thanks to our pre and post parade host, Stu & Cindy Umholtz and Parade Master (and best wife in the known universe) Donna Johnson. 





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